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We return 50% of the cost of NOTA with regular checks of the skin/moles.


The refund of half of the cost

a) $160 if you buy the device at full price - $320;

b) $144 if you buy the device at special price - $288;

c) $128 if you buy the device with a code from our ambassadors - $256;

subject to the following conditions:

  1. The buyer must make 15 measurements or more (but not less than 5 measurements/scans per month) with an interval of 30 days for 3 consecutive months. (i.e. you can make 5 scans in the first month, 5 scans in the second and 5 scans in the third).

  2. Write to the mail info@arteselectronics.com login and email of the account that will participate in the promotion.

The offer comes into force upon receipt of the device (tracked by track) and is valid for 3 months. The refund is carried out within 3 days from the date of fulfillment of the terms of the offer.

Devices purchased on the site https://klarna.notamole.com for the full price take part in the promotion($320 or $288/256 with a discount from our ambassadors). When buying NOTA family kit & NOTA travel kit, the refund comes only from the cost of one device and no more than $160.

The offer includes devices purchased from June 10 to August 31, 2022.